Information Systems in the Banking Industry

How It Helps and How It Can Continue To Improve


Information Systems in the Banking Industry: How It Helps and How It Can Continue To Improve

Information Systems in the Banking Industry have revolutionized the way customers interact with their banks and accounts (Ramey 2012). There are major applications for both the customer and the bank that could not be possible without advances in information systems.

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Big Data in Financial Services and Banking (White Paper)

Authors: Oracle Enterprise

Title of Journal: Oracle Enterprise Architecture White Paper

Volume Number: 1

Date: February 2015

Author’s Purpose: To find and provide an overall overview for the adoption of the information system technique known as Big Data alongside traditional analytic understandings to develop the architecture of the next generation of financial institutions and regulations in the banking industry.

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Theoretical Papers

The Impact of Information Technology on the Banking Industry: Theory and Empirics (Theoretical Paper)

Authors: Ho, Shirley; Mallick, Sushanta
Title of Journal: Information System Research
Volume Number: 9
Date: November 2006

Author’s Purpose: This study was conducted to develop and test a model to see the effects that information technology has on the US banking industry.

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Webinar: Driving Mobile Banking Engagement With E-Signatures Information System

Webinar Link:

In this webinar on the information system revolving around mobile banking engagement with e-signatures, the hosts or presenters of the webinar, Zhi Ying Ng, a professional analyst that works in channel strategy and e-business professional services at Forrester Research, and Rahim Kaba, the director of product marketing at eSignLive at VASCO, discussed the importance of e-signatures in today’s economy, and why this information system is incredibly important when it comes to defining a molding a consistent relationship with your client base

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One Minute paper

Reflective One Minute Paper: My Views on the Future of Information Systems in the Banking Industry

I’ve learned much about information systems in the banking industry through the creation of this portfolio and the study of this course. The effects of information technology on industry is sometimes forgotten, with all of the attention brought on the exact results, but none on the system itself (Flinders 2015). With such a multitude of concerns these days related to information systems in the banking industry—cryptocurrencies, universal basic income, cyber security and cyber criminals, e-signatures, and more—it would be safe to say that the banking industry will be, over the next few decades, one of the industries that will have the highest amount of involvement and interruption from information systems.

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